Potting Shed Blog

29 August 2018

Store tomatoes for your winter supply

It’s been an amazingly good tomato year what with the heat and sunshine for weeks on end – so if you’ve eaten your fill of fresh tomatoes but still have a massive glut left over, now is the time to squirrel your surplus away for winter supplies.

22 August 2018

Mid-Late Summer Houseplant Care

Houseplants respond well to a little extra care in mid to late summer, getting a new lease of life so they finish the summer at the peak of health and looking at their very best. Read our blog post to find out what you can do to ensure houseplant happiness this season...

8 August 2018

Herb harvesting time!

Harvest herbs regularly at this time of year to enjoy them at their very best, taking care to pick at the right time of day to make sure they’re packed full of fragrance and flavour.

2 August 2018

Prime Potato Planting Time!

We have a selection of potatoes in store which are perfect for planting right now in time for a Christmas crop! (Who knows, they might even end up featuring on your Christmas dinner!)