Plant of the moment: Hellebores

29 January 2018


Hellebores are amongst our most beautiful spring flowers and the earliest too. Our Hellebores are just starting to flower and will usually keep flowering for a couple of months, well into March, and they will come back every year!

To care for Hellebores be sure to remove the old leaves as this not only helps show off their blooms but also removes any fungal spores that might be lurking on foliage, so minimising the chances of an outbreak of the dreaded hellebore leaf spot. Remove the foliage to the green waste bin or burn it rather than adding it to the compost bin, as spores can survive the composting process.

You can never have enough hellebores in your garden, and there’s a bewildering choice of varieties available. The best way of choosing new hellebores is to pop into the garden centre where the plants on our benches are in full flower: that way you’ll be able to see exactly what you’re getting and can choose your favourites!

There are plenty of varieties including pink/red, deep red, light pink and pure white varieties.

Give your hellebores rich, deep soil in dappled shade – they’re also happy in containers - and remember to dead-head after flowering in May as any seedling plants will not come ‘true’ to (i.e. look like) the parent. You don’t need to lift and divide hellebores: instead, let them gradually bulk up into a sizeable clump for extra impact and dozens of flowers.

Hellebores, also known as Christmas Roses, are low growing, very hardy, easy to grow and come back every year.