Potting Shed Blog

5 January 2018

How To Plant Potatoes

There's nothing quite as satisfying as the fresh flavour of newly dug potatoes lifted straight from your very own vegetable patch - which is why we're urging you to get growing this season with our top tips!

23 August 2017

Summer Pruning

Now is the time to summer prune fruit like cherries, plums, apples and pairs. Summer pruning is a much lighter affair than the kind of pruning you do in winter, and is mostly about shaping your trees and encouraging fruit production next year.

5 July 2017

Cut herbs to store for winter

It might seem early to be thinking about winter storage, but herbs are at their absolute peak this month. Freezing keeps your herbs almost as fresh as when they were picked so do so now and keep that just-snipped, fresh-from-the-garden flavour in your cooking all winter long.

12 June 2017

Job of the week: Give shrubs a prune

Once early summer shrubs finish flowering, it’s time to give them a prune to keep them youthful and vigorous ready for a superb show next year.