Avoid Bedding Blunders with these Top Tips!

4 May 2018


Planting in May is perfectly fine, but if you're going to be focusing on your beds then be sure to follow this check list beforehand to avoid any bedding blunders!

1. Choose plants that suit your garden's conditions! Pansies, Busy Lizzie's and Canterbury Bells for example are ideal for shady areas whilst Geraniums, Petunias and Poppies are more tolerant of drier conditions in sunny spots. 

2. The night before planting, thoroughly water your plants in their pots on trays to ensure that they are fully hydrated before the root disturbance and move into their new surroundings. 

3. All plants will appreciate a rich, organic soil that has been treated with a soil conditioner to help improve the structure and retention of water and nutrients. You can always ask our expert staff about the best varieties for your garden.

4. Ensure roots can draw ample plant food by scattering and raking in a generous handful of slow-release plant food over each square yard of soil. 

5. Initial watering of these new plants is best done with a solution of plant food to help plants overcome the shock of planting and establish themselves more quickly