How to Grow Tomatoes in a Pot

20 April 2018


On your Marks, Get Set, Grow!

There's nothing like the taste of homegrown tomatoes, freshly picked from the vine and spring is the perfect time to get outdoors and have a go at growing some yourself!

What you will need:

- Tomato Plant, Peat-Free Compost, 35cm Pot, Gardening Gloves, Tomorite Tomato Feed 1.3L, Watering Can, Trowel, Bamboo Stakes (two 6ft, one 3ft), Jute String -

What to do:

Step One: Fill your pot with compost until it reaches the rim

Step Two: Pat down the compost so it is even

Step 3: Push the two 6ft bamboo stakes into either side of the pot until secure

Step 4: Using your trowel, create a hole big enough for your tomato plant to sit in

Step 5: Carefully tease the tomato plant out by gently squeezing the pot to loosen it (tip: avoid touching the stem)

Step 6: Place the tomato plant into the hole in the soil and firm in, making sure to re-cover any gaps

Step 7: Secure the final (3ft) bamboo stake as a horizontal support, using jute string to tie in place

Step 8: Water well - focus on watering around the plant rather than over the leaves

Step 9: As soon as fruits start to develop, feed the plant with Tomorite

TOP TIP: Make sure you pinch out the very small leaves/shoots between the central stem and the branch - these are called 'suckers' or 'axils' and removing them will ensure that the plant's energy goes into producing fruit instead of leaves