How to tackle summer pests and diseases

17 July 2018


It’s not just gardeners who find the living is easy in summer – the warmth also brings out legions of creepy-crawlies to feast on all those lush plants you’ve so thoughtfully provided for them. Diseases spread rapidly too, so be on your guard and watch out for this month’s trouble spots:

Prune out blackspot from roses as soon as you see it, disinfecting secateurs before you move to the next plant. In serious cases, spray with a fungicide formulated for roses.

What to look out for:

How to treat it (if pruning doesn't work):

Rose Spray Treatment - from £6.49

Look out for June bugs, whose fat larvae lurk under grass and tempt birds, foxes and even badgers to dig up your lawn searching for them. Water on a biological nematode to keep them at bay.

What to look out for:


How to treat it:

Pet and child friendly Neudorff Nematodes - packed in soluble sachets so no handling is necessary - £29.99. Read more about those here.

Pinch out your broad beans once they set pods to avoid blackfly infestations. They cluster near soft, succulent shoot tips – so if you remove the new growth they love, they go elsewhere.

Net your brassicas and ripening fruit as pigeons love to feast on a nice well-stocked cabbage patch. Blackbirds also strip berry fruit, so your best option is to keep them off from the start.

Nets for your fruiting plants are available at Pugh's - 2 metre x 1 metre for £2.99

Inspect hellebores for signs of hellebore leaf spot – unsightly brown blemishes appearing on older leaves. There’s no cure, so just remove the leaves and dispose of them promptly.

What to look for:

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