Come To Pugh's For Potatoes! Grow your own food for an eco-friendly resolution

17 January 2020


Our seed potatoes are now in stock! 

Pugh's love nothing more than to encourage our customers to grow your own food and right now you have the perfect opportunity to give this a go with our huge range of seed potatoes now in!

Pick your own potatoes and fill a bag for just £4.99! If you're not sure which spuds are the ones for you, then just speak to a friendly member of our team in store and they can advise.  


This year we have many varieties including first earlies, second earlies, main crop and salad.

Some of these varieties are eel-worm resistant, slug resistant and some even boast a good all-round disease resistance so you can avoid crop devastation. 

‘Charlotte’ is a best seller and a hugely popular variety, great for salads. ‘Arran Pilot’ is a very early, traditional variety and a long standing favourite.

If this is your first time turning your fingers green, then don't be shy to ask our friendly members of staff for advice. Alternatively, you can click here to 'spruce up your spud savvy' with our easy 'how to' guide blog post!