Garden Care

Gardens need care and attention, in order to keep them looking their best!

From a basic hand trowel to a telescopic tree lopper, we have plenty of gardening tools to choose from.  We stock the Wolf Garten, multi-change handle range.  These space saving tools are a bold red colour, so they should be easy to find, if you forget where you’ve put them down.

Our Spear and Jackson range of tools, include comfort handle secateurs and for those difficult jobs, heavy duty digging spades are available.

From start to finish, we can supply you with all your gardening requirements, including our popular range of ‘Thompson & Morgan’ seeds, propagation containers and even your Wellington boots, so you can keep your feet warm and dry. Don’t worry if you forget to take your muddy boots off, when entering your home, as we also stock a range of mats to wipe them on.

Protecting decking or fence panels is definitely a worthwhile job.  You may just fancy a change of colour for your garden shed.  If you’re not afraid of going bold, why not try our Ronseal ‘summer sky’ or ‘lime zest ’paint.  These deliciously zingy colours will brighten up any area in the garden.

Weeds grow indiscriminately, in paths, lawns and in the borders.  Our range of weed killers include the ever popular roundup gel, which can be applied directly to plants, ensuring no other plants are effected in the area.  For those tougher weeds, such as brambles, ‘SBK’ is always a winner!

If you want to make a beautiful hanging basket display, we supply everything from water retaining gel and compost to hanging baskets and brackets.  We also sell plant supports for those temperamental plants, who just need taking in hand.

Our small feathered friends appreciate a meal or two and it’s always a pleasure to see them feasting in a garden.  So when you’re tucking into a delicious dinner, consider the birds outside and create an area in your garden for them.  A simple birdfeeder to a more elaborate bird table will help to encourage them to your garden, so long as the food is tempting and the area is free from predators.