The Gift Area

What better way to show a person you care, than with a gift!  Whether it be a special anniversary or a birthday, you won’t be short of an idea, from our well stocked gift area.

It is not always easy to choose a gift, but if you first decide if the person you’re buying for prefers a practical or decorative item, then you’re half way there!



Animal art is becoming increasingly popular and items, such as a predatory cat could make the birds think twice, before landing.  Where as, an ornamental sheep, casually grazing on your grass will create interest.  You can add to your collection of animals, from a few sheep to a collie dog to round them up.  At least their food bill will be cheap!


Create a perfect setting, during the evenings, with our solar lighting.  A lit pathway can guide you to a seating area, where you’ll be able to relax with a glass of something nice. For a person who appreciates a practical present, consider a shed light.  This gift will be useful and also add an extra element of security.

Windchimes have a charm of their own.  The delicate sound, as they move in the wind, can be calming and with so much choice, from large bamboo to small metal you may decide to buy more than one.

With our ever changing British weather, it’s a good idea to be prepared for anything. Our stylish range of hats are comfortable and shower resistant. 

If the person you’re buying for loves flowers, but isn’t necessarily green-fingered, we stock a colourful range of artificial and metal flowers. With no water required, they’ll last ages and will add a splash of colour to any room. 


Deliciously, scented candles, such as: strawberry ice-cream, are available from our ‘Heart and Home’, candle range.  These candles are updated in store, seasonally, so whatever the time of year, you’ll be able to try a new fragrance.

Say it with words, from our range of Noel Tatt cards.  Although the right picture can also mean as much.  If you see the perfect card, but an occasion isn’t for a while, consider stocking up.  So long as you remember where you’ve kept the card, they’ll be no panic to rush out the day before.

Our delightful gift area is like, ‘Pandora’s box’, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised, what we have available. We hope  you love it!