The House Plant Area

Bring the outdoors in, by introducing house plants to your home.

Whether you have indoor plants for their beauty or their air purifying qualities, they make a welcome addition to any home.

Plants help to create a calm and tranquil setting and could even effect your mood.  Some plants require more attention than others, but if you feed and water them and also make sure they’re happy in their surroundings, they’ll perform well and you can reap the rewards!


When choosing an indoor plant, it’s important to consider it’s surroundings.  The right plant for the right place!  For example, a fern will perform better in a light bathroom, rather than in a hot conservatory, in full sun. 

Cacti is a sure winner for most homes. If you’ve forgotten to water them, they will probably be ok and there are so many unusual and interesting varieties from which to choose - just be sure to be careful when handling them!


If in doubt, you can re-create elements, such as temperature and light from your plant's natural habitat.

At Pugh’s Garden Village Wenvoe, our team care and nurture the houseplants, from Bonsai trees to exotic Bromeliads, there is a varied and extensive range of plants from which to choose.

We are always eager to give you good advice, as we know how important it is to choose the perfect plant for you.  Hopefully, it will last you for years to come, but please don’t wait too long to visit us again, you never know your plant may want a friend!