Mallows Beauty

Mallows Beauty are the ultimate destination for self-love. They aim to make you feel good by encouraging you to; forget stress, your phone & instead make some time for you. They are 100% REAL; real skin, real bodies, real girls, and real lies here thank you! 

Instead of being faced with insecurities you need to ‘fix’, Mallows products will ‘treat’ your skin, body & mind, with a positive message that you can adopt for the day, week or forever really… Mallows want to empower you to appreciate yourself rather than criticise…you wouldn't bully your BFF, so why do it to yourself & your body?!

Their packaging shares inside knowledge on mental wellbeing, skincare, body positivity & giving you a cheeky compliment or're welcome. Oh and they donate 5% of all profits to mental health charities.

Please note that any Mallows Beauty products will have a £4.95 delivery charge.

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