Here at Pugh’s, with the garden centre and our natural environment being at the heart of our business, we want to become as transparently sustainable as we can and take steps to help tackle the war on waste and the climate crisis.

We have created a long-term Environmental Ethos and have already made a start where we can in some areas of the Garden Centre.

We currently implement the following measures across our two centres:

  • We encourage the increased use of plants in homes and gardens to improve our environment, benefit wildlife and improve well-being.
  • Packaging-free products, zero-waste and 'bring your own' container options in our Food Hall
  • Compostable catering items such as coffee cups and cutlery 
  • Green waste disposal
  • Recyclable taupe plant pots (where suppliers can provide them)
  • Locally, home-grown plants to tackle transportation pollution and air miles
  • Plant pot 'swap shed' to recycle your plastic plant pots for others to use
  • Re-usable bags for life
  • Re-usable coffee cups 

This following elements of our ethos are areas which we are working towards implementing across the whole of our business in the future.

  • All waste converted into energy
  • Zero waste to landfill using reputable waste companies 
  • Solar panel energy use