Sustainability and Environmental Policy

Here at Pugh’s, with the garden centre and our natural environment being at the heart of our business, we want to become as transparently sustainable as we can and take steps to help tackle the war on waste and the climate crisis.

We have created a long-term Environmental Ethos and have already made a start where we can in some areas of the Garden Centre.

We currently implement the following measures across our two centres:

  • 600m2 of Solar Panels currently installed in one area of our business in Radyr which alone generates electricity equivalent to 35 homes. Over a year these panels will also save 17,400kg of co2 and plant the equivalent of 3645 trees (10 trees per day!)
  • We encourage the increased use of plants in homes and gardens to improve our environment, benefit wildlife and improve well-being.
  • At our plant nurseries, we have our own natural spring which we water all of our home-grown plants with, directly from the ground.
  • Packaging-free products, zero-waste and 'bring your own' container options in our Food Hall
  • Compostable catering items such as coffee cups and cutlery 
  • Green waste disposal
  • Peat-free and reduced peat compost options available
  • Recyclable taupe plant pots (where suppliers can provide them)
  • Locally, home-grown plants to tackle transportation pollution and air miles
  • Plant pot 'swap shed' to recycle your plastic plant pots for others to use
  • Re-usable bags for life
  • Re-usable coffee cups 

This following elements of our ethos are areas which we are working towards implementing across the whole of our business in the future.

  • All waste converted into energy
  • Zero waste to landfill using reputable waste companies 
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Points in our car parks

We recognise the impact that gardening and the garden industry has on the environment and as business with a wide reach we aim to make sure that Pugh’s and our customers are in some way able to reduce it.

We do this by offering organic alternatives to chemicals and encouraging our customers to only use chemical conditioners, pest and weed control when necessary to reduce the input of chemicals into the ecosystem.

Our knowledgeable plants department can also offer advice on how to solve many gardening problems in eco-friendly ways, as well as which plants would best suit the soil and weather conditions of your garden to avoid plant wastage and the need for soil enhancements. We also stock a selection of products to promote recycling any garden waste that does occur into the natural goodness of homemade compost.


At Pugh’s Garden Centres we aim to provide the best possible resources for our customers, helping their gardens to flourish. We offer a wide range of composts to suit all your gardening needs.

We understand that peat-based composts offer affordable, tried and tested growing mediums and that many gardeners still want them, however we are aware of the environmental impact of their use. This is why we feel it is essential to also offer excellent reduced peat and peat free alternatives, a range that is constantly expanding.

We support and encourage the efforts of our suppliers to reduce the peat content in their products, in developing alternatives and regenerating used peat fields and mire to create a sustainable future for the industry.

Recycling & waste management

We feel strongly about our environmental responsibilities, we recycle all plastic, cardboard, wood and metal from our deliveries and stock. Any wooden pallets are returned to suppliers or recycled on site.

Although we do provide bags for our customers’ convenience, these are biodegradable and at a charge of 5p. We also have re-usable bags for life available as a more sustainable option which we encourage customers to purchase. In addition, we also offer cardboard boxes and trays as practical, eco-friendly alternatives for customers to carry their products to their cars and encourage our customers to reuse or recycle each option. For example we have a 'plant pot swap shed' available at both garden centres where we encourage customers to bring in their unwanted/unused plastic plant pots to recycle into the shed for somebody else to pick up and take home to re-use! 

Plants & products

We feel it is important to encourage the creation of wildlife friendly spaces within gardens to recreate some of the natural habitats being lost to development. We have a large range of products to help introduce and maintain wildlife in our gardens. We offer an extensive range of wildlife friendly plants to suit all conditions and needs, from attracting animals and insects into your garden to natural repellents to help keep cats and pests away. Please ask any of our plant team for advice on which plants to use to create nature and environmentally friendly gardens.

We also stock a large range of organic and chemical free feeds, repellents and pest control for your garden in our sundries shop. We also offer a wide range of insect, bat and bird boxes to help create wildlife friendly habitats in your garden.

It is important to be environmentally aware and conserve water, especially in the dry summer months; however, we still like to see our gardens lush and healthy. We can achieve this by collecting rain and surface water throughout the year by using water buts in the garden or connected to drain pipes to water our plants and lawns. All the equipment you will need is available in our garden centres in a wide range of sizes and designs, suitable for all needs and tastes.


The following is available or implemented during the festive season at Pugh's Garden Centres.

  • 100% recyclable Christmas Cards from Woodmansterne. These also include unwrapped cards where no plastic wrap is used to help tackle waste!
  • Recyclable Kraft Christmas bows and packaging by 'Glick'. 
  • Sustainable gift ideas such as Myddfai Luxury Welsh Bath & Body products in re-usable glass bottles
  • Recyclable Christmas Crackers
  • Kaemingk Recycled Ribbons. All ribbons are made of recycled or renewed materials, like recycled PET bottles, cotton or other recycled materials. The ribbons are produced with low water consumption and the spools are made of recycled PET bottles. The displays are made of unlaminated craft carton which can be easily recycled.
  • We look after and keep all of our display decorations, including our artificial display Christmas Trees, one of which we have had and used for over 10 years! Our display decorations are circulated between our stores to be re-used year on year. This helps reduce waste within our visual merchandising displays and give new life to pre-loved decorations.
  • We sell LED Christmas lighting which are the most energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly lighting technologies!
  • Our Real Christmas Trees are grown and managed in sustainable ways. Christmas tree plantations provide an excellent habitat for wildlife, with many bird species nesting in the growing trees and feeding on the insects that live among them. Christmas tree cultivation absorbs and stores more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than it releases, which helps to offset greenhouse gas emissions, and for every Christmas tree that is harvested, a replacement is planted the following spring. Since it is completely biodegradable, your cut Christmas tree can be put to good use once the festive season has finished. We encourage customers to consult their local recycling authority, who can advise on the best means of disposal. We also provide creative ways to re-use parts of your Christmas Tree after the festive season has ended. Eco-conscious customers can also purchase living pot-grown trees which can be re-planted in your garden and re-used.