Home trend: how to keep it cool during summer in your home

Home trend: how to keep it cool during summer in your home

When it is hot outside keep it cool with these home trends. It is always lovely to get inside during the heat of the summer to cool off with a jug of fruit water and relax in a fresh colour scheme. Cooling designs are calming, refreshing and relaxing, which is the perfect mix for your summer home. You can also use house plants to help keep your indoor space fresh. Read more...

White is a great way to keep it cool during summer in your home

The calming and neutral tones of white with grey or green can create a cool colour vibe in your rooms. White walls and crisp, fresh linen with a touch of pastel colours can keep things clean in the home. The freshness of this home trend gives a cool touch in the summer but an equally tranquil feeling in the winter. It is a perfect look, that can be jazzed up with your favourite accessories and suitable for all seasons. 

Keep it cool during summer in your home with silk sheets

Sounds decadent, doesn’t it! Silk sheets are the ultimate in cold sleeping. No need for air conditioning or fans. Not only will they keep you cool but they feel amazing, can be great for skin and hair plus they look gorgeous in a bedroom with a cool colour scheme to add to that freshness. Pale blue can be a great touch of colour in a bedroom or pastel green as well. Browse the latest in summer bedding and other home textiles at Julian Charles at Pugh's Garden Village in Radyr.

Blinds and shutters can keep it cool during summer in your home

Take note from many European countries which close their window and door shutters in the summer months to keep their homes cool. Shutters have become a really trendy home feature in recent years across the UK and further afield. Not only do they keep the house cool, but they look great too. The alternative is, of course, to use blinds, which can look excellent and brightens up a window look also. Choose neutral colours to complement your home style and keep them closed if the sun is shining through the window and heating your rooms.

Keep it cool during summer in your home with some houseplants

Plants can create shade, clean the air of toxins and soften the look of interior design! Situating some close together can shade where we are sitting, or a big palm can even shade your sofa. The options are endless. Make sure you choose the right plant for the right place, and they can add something special to your home look plus help to keep you fresh. We have a range of house plants in store or available for home delivery via our website. Shop house plants here!

To cool down your home, visit us in store to see what you can find to help.

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