5 Easter Decorating Ideas to do with the Family

5 Easter Decorating Ideas to do with the Family

These 5 Easter decoration ideas will not only give you something entertaining and creative to do whilst your little ones are at home but also help to turn your home into a lovely place to celebrate Easter! All of the mentioned tips are fun to do with kids, so get the whole family together and have a go at our  5 Easter Decoration Ideas!

1. A bowl of painted eggs 

In the run-up to Easter, why not release your inner artist and paint some eggs? Get creative with different colours and patterns and then place them all into a glass bowl as a centrepiece! All the family can get involved and contribute. Top tip: with your left-over egg cartons, why not re-use these as mini pots to plant and grow some cress? You will find plenty of seeds here in the garden centre!

2. Make your own Easter tree 

If you love natural decorations then this is a fun thing to do! The next time you are going out for a walk or even just in your own garden, pick up some twigs and small fallen branches. When you get home, pop them in a vase and decorate using your painted eggs, feathers, ribbon or even add some dried foliage such as pampas grass or faux spring blossom which you can get from the garden centre. This can make a lovely table centre piece or to pop on a windowsill or fire place. 

3. Carrot and flower vase 

This is an enjoyable way to bring carrots into your Easter decoration ideas and attract the Easter bunny!

  • Use a wide-rimmed vase and place carrots all around the inside

  • Then fill with water and pop in your favourite Easter cut flowers.

  • The carrots will hide the stems, and you will have made a really fun and interesting vase of flowers. 

4. Paper garlands 

An easy, quick yet creative way to decorate your house for Easter is to create a paper garland with lots of different shapes such as bunnies, chicks, eggs and bows. Use different coloured cards or paint the paper how you like. Then attach them to string a few inches apart and hang up all-around your home. This will create a festive look around your house and is even a great way to re-use and recycle as you could even use unwanted cardboard from packaging or boxes to cut out and paint your shapes!

5. Don't forget to decorate the garden!

Make sure the Easter bunny knows he is welcome by making some fun garden signs to stake into your pots or borders signposting the way to your front door! That way, the Easter bunny will know just where to stop off with some Easter eggs! You can use recycled materials such as old wood, pallets or even old plant pots to paint bunnies, arrows and welcome messages and place them outside in the garden.

The Easter holidays is also a great time to get the children outdoors and involved in some spring gardening activities. Click here to read our Top 10 Easter Gardening Ideas.

Don’t forget to treat yourself to a new plant for the table too or brighten up your front door with some spring planters. Our garden centre is packed with sweet stuff to brighten up your home and garden this Easter!

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