Pugh's Garden Village Family of Staff!

Here at Pugh's, our staff are an extension of our family with many being a part of our business for 10-20 years! We are proud of their horticultural expertise, fantastic customer service, commitment, smiles and willingness to pose for (quite often silly) photos!

Sun Protection Accreditation

We are Sun Protection Accredited to the Watch Your Back! campaign, having pledged to raise awareness of sun protection and skin cancer, protecting the health of our staff and customers.

Skin cancer mainly affects those who spend lots of time outdoors without sun protection, so it makes sense for us all to take the risks seriously. Over the last 30 years, incidence of melanoma has more than doubled in women and tripled in men, so we aim to address this.

The sun can damage your skin between March and October, specifically when the UV Index is 3 and over. Bear in mind that you can burn, even on cloudy days, and the weather can be changeable, so always start the day ‘sun prepared’:

  1. Wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen (SPF30+) on exposed skin, sunglasses and a brimmed hat.
  2. Apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes before UV exposure to ensure it is rubbed in and active.
  3. Keep your shoulders covered ideally whilst working.
  4. Select shade if possible, to carry out tasks or go for breaks.
  5. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration, especially when it’s very warm.
  6. Reapply sunscreen every two hours on sunny days or more often when working with water or when sweating. Remember sunscreen can easily be rubbed off when carrying or brushing against items.
  7. Always remember to protect lips, nose, ears and back of neck as these areas are easily missed and prone to sunburn.
  8. Check skin every month. If a mole or lesion starts changing in shape or colour, itches or bleeds then visit your GP immediately.

For further information on sun protection and skin checking, visit the Watch Your Back! campaign at www.melanoma-fund.co.uk