Garden lighting

Lighting your garden after dark transforms your outdoor space into an evening living room under the stars. Even when the weather isn't perfect, looking out at your spotlit garden from indoors means you can enjoy your garden long after nightfall. Here are just a few ways to use lighting in your garden:

Spotlights highlighting special features like trees or statues turns them into theatrical statements. In our garden centre you'll find angled spotlights to place anywhere within the cable's length for varied lighting effects. Spiked versions go discreetly in the soil, but models with clips or brackets are fixed up high.

Lanterns and flares offer a soft, romantic backdrop to dining out: some incorporate insect repellents. Japanese lanterns in stone transform with a flickering candle at night, while simpler lanterns can be strung together to hang above your table: both are available in our garden centre.

Recessed lighting make steps and paths safer, as well as softly lighting patios and eating areas. Post lights or lighting set into walls are neat and inconspicuous: brick-shaped lamps can also be built into walls and steps, with translucent plastic or hardened glass covers.

Please ask the staff in our Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan garden centre for more information and advice about choosing garden lighting.

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